Dutch website highlights companies with all-male boards

Bring on the pay gap version for the UK

Women aren’t expected to succeed in the tech industry, it’s harder for women to get on TV, and women are greatly outnumbered by men when it comes to the highest positions at major companies. One of the best websites we’ve seen today is called Deze mannen kunnen geen vrouw krijgen, which is Dutch for “These men can’t get a woman.” As reported in The Telegraph, the creators name and shame Dutch companies with all-male boards of at least 5 men.

The website highlights 18 large Dutch companies, displaying the names and faces of the all-male boards (or a men’s bathroom sign when photos aren’t available). The creator explains that the appointment of a woman as director and a note are required to remove any company from the website.

There are plenty of sites detailing gender equality stats for UK companies but we’d love to see a name-and-shame list like this. Having your company listed is something you can probably ignore and feel less guilty about, but seeing your own name and face might hit board members a little harder.

There are no longer any all-male boards in the FTSE 100, though there are still 14 all-male boards in the FTSE top 350. While it would be good to name and shame the 14 companies still behind the times, the government is looking to address another important issue: the gender pay gap.

Women in the UK are paid on average 20% less than men in the same roles. In 2018 it will be a legal requirement for UK companies with 250+ employees to disclose their pay gap figures and league tables will shame those who fail to offer equal pay. It shouldn’t have to exist but we welcome it.

Main image © iStock/gemenacom