5 unusual clocks for those who have to be different

They're weird, geeky, and unique. A bit like you.

You want a new wall clock but you want something a bit different. It has to be less traditional and more you, which maybe means weird and a bit geeky. Here are some clocks that dare to be different.



This is a word clock. It looks cool and it’s actually easy to read the time unlike many novelty clocks. It’s techy, it’s weird, it’s different, it’s quite stylish, but it’s expensive. The official QLOCKTWO will set you back £840 and that’s for the cheapest version. The largest size costs over £4,000. Although it doesn’t look quite as good, there’s a cheaper word clock available at ThinkGeek for $79.99 (£56.53) plus shipping at $28 (£19.80).

Pixnor Science and Engineering Clock

Most of your visitors might have no idea what’s going on, but the science and engineering types probably will. This clock features mathematical and scientific hour markers. If you know the Earth’s gravitational field strength then you’re laughing. If not, this clock might make you do some homework! It’s available on Amazon for £15.80.

Hidden Safe Wall Clock

It’s the last place someone would look… inside your clock! All the other clocks on this list are head-turners, guaranteed to become a topic of conversation. To anyone else it’s just an inconspicuous wall clock but you can hide your secret stash inside. It only costs £13.27 with £7.62 shipping from Amazon.

Alessi Blank Wall Clock

This large clock has a minimalist design but it isn’t just making a statement. You can write on the clock and leave any message you like. The intended use is to write various words in place of the hours and to write a connected phrase in the middle, meaning different times read out a different sentence. A better use could be to write things you have to do that day on the clock. You look up to check the time and get a reminder of that important visit you’re expecting. How cool this clock is will likely depend on how creative you are. You pay for that right to be creative though, as it’s £83.07 on Amazon.

Coolest Clock

Image © Coolest Clock

Confident name, huh? The Coolest Clock isn’t really a clock; it’s a projector. The clock elements you can see in the image above are projected onto the wall by a device above. The advantage of using projections is that the clock is fully customisable and integrated into your apps. You can have weather updates, social media updates, even quotes of the day appearing on your clock. The actual design of the clock is customisable so you can choose the shape, colours, and features you want. It reminds us of the Android-powered smart mirror.

Image © Coolest Clock

The Coolest Clock isn’t quite available yet and started life as an Indiegogo campaign that raised 1390% of its target last year. The clock is in mass production now and the company aims to deliver to customers by April. The final retail price will be $299 (£211.37).

Wall clocks are a great way to make a statement, but alarm clocks are perhaps more useful. Check out our 5 most clever and/or evil alarm clocks for making sure you get up in the morning!

Main image © Coolest Clock