Fujitsu have made a wearable for cows

Or so we herd

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We’ve seen some strange things at tradeshows. UFO speakers. Breathing iPhones. Robot seals. But Fujitsu’s latest innovation was a new one on us: it’s a wearable for cows.

With the catchy name of Estrus Detection System for Cattle, Fujitsu’s innovation clips round the cow’s ankle (or calf if you will) and acts as a pedometer, counting the number of steps she does every day. As if that wasn’t incredible enough, the reason for it is even better.

Cows walk up to six times more in a day when they’re on heat, apparently (presumably to take their minds off the unbearable sexual tension in their loins). That means the pedometer can tell the farmer when a particular cow is ready to mate, according to how many steps she’s done that day. This is quite literally a wearable that tells you when you’ve got a horny cow. Technology is brilliant.

The press release for the EDSC (if this were a startup it’d be called Uddr) contains several amazing sentences including “see the hourly progress of estrus” and “about half of insemination opportunities are lost” (#RejectedTinderSlogans). We hope there’s proper data security in place so the poor cows’ mojo cycle isn’t published on the internet for all to see. We can completely imagine people logging in to see how many steps their favourite cow had done that day, and taking bets on who’d be getting jiggy in the barn next.

The EDSC (or, amazingly, “Connected Cow”) can help farmers make more cows at the right time, while also helping out Daisy in her hour of need. No one wants bulls knocking on their door when they’re feeling bloated and unsexy – this should ensure he comes, so to speak, at exactly the right moment. It can also apparently help farmers spot diseases early as well as accurately predicting when Daisy Jr is due to be born. Wet towels at the ready.

Fujitsu tell us the Connected Cow wearable is already on sale in Japan, doing well among livestock farmers and their suddenly much less stressed-out cows. While it might seem a bit like milking the wearables market, we have no beef with that – we think it’s udderly ingenious.

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