Celebrate Pokémon’s birthday with this merchandise

Gotta buy it all!

It feels hard to believe but this week, February 27th to be exact, is Pokémon’s 20th birthday. 20 years of adventures and catching ’em all. 20 years of increasing numbers of Pokémon to discover. 20 years of playing through those god damn cave sections. It’s something to celebrate, but you can’t exactly go out and buy Pokémon a birthday present, so why not buy something for yourself instead? We’ve got some of our favourite Pokémon merchandise right here for you to catch.

Anniversary Consoles

Probably one of the more expensive ways to celebrate, you could get your hands on one of the anniversary 2DS consoles that come with either the Red, Blue, or Yellow game pre-installed. They’re not going to be released until the 27th, but you can pre-order them on Nintendo’s official website for £79.99 where they come with a free case and free delivery included.

If you’d like the original games, but you’d rather not have to buy another console, Red, Blue, and Yellow will also be available to purchase from the Nintendo e-shop on the same day.

Elite Four Hoody

Show off your trainer credentials with an Elite Four Kanto region zip hoody. The hoody is unisex, available in sizes S to 2XL, and comes in red, blue, or green no doubt to complement your starter type. You can find it on Gametee for £29.99 plus £4.50 shipping to the UK.

Pikachu Tights

Here’s something a little different. These Pikachu hold up style tights are £7 from Soft Kitty Clothing and available in one size which should fit a UK 8-12. If you slide your feet enough across a carpet wearing these you’ll probably even be able to generate enough static electricity to shock someone.

Gym Badges

Always wanted to actually get your hands on the gym badges you played so hard to collect rather than just see them on screen? Well you can! This set of Kanto region badges is £10.14 with the box pictured on Amazon and qualifies for Amazon Prime delivery so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on them. There are also badge sets from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos.

Character Hats

You’ll never have a Pokémon, but you can at least make it look like there’s one perching on your head with these character hats from Forbidden Planet. There are a few characters available including Eevee, Jigglypuff, Charizard, Pikachu and Meowth which are all priced at £12.99 each.


The animated and in-game world of Pokémon always seems like such a bright and colourful one, which is why we can’t help but love these prints that give the pocket monsters a slightly darker edge.

From The Shadow Series by AJ Hateley, they’re available on Gametee in A4 for £9.99 and A3 for £14.99 plus £3 shipping. There are a few prints to choose from including Gengar, Carizard, MewTwo, Pikachu, Oddish, and Meowth. If you’re finding it hard to make up your mind, Gametee are also offering 3 A4 prints for £19.99 and 3 A3 prints for £29.99 to make your decision a little easier.


There are so many ways to wear your love for Pokémon, and these earrings from EviesGeekBoutique are a subtle option. The Dratini earrings are £19.99 plus £1 shipping and the Umbreon pair are £24.99 plus £1 delivery. They can also be purchased individually.

Vintage Travel Posters

Want to be able to look up at your walls and remember your adventures through every region fondly? These vintage travel posters from Harknett Prints will do just the job. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from small 6×4 prints for £4.50 up to A3+ prints for £22 plus £1.50 shipping. Right now they have posters available for Pallet Town, Viridian City, Valencia Island, and Bill’s Lighthouse but there are more cities coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for your favourite location!

Charmander Lighter

After discovering the wonderful 3D printed Bulbasaur plant pot, we were pretty delighted about this Charmander lighter. £6.89 plus £2.90 shipping from Etsy store Flamerries, it’s proof it’s always handy to have a fire type by your side. We’re just waiting for that Squirtle watering can now.

Charm Bracelet

Catch ’em all and wear them round your wrist with this charm bracelet from Etsy store CharmingSushi. Charms are £2.89 each plus £2.29 shipping and buying 3 will get you the bracelet to attach your Pokémon to for free. Your only problem here will be trying to narrow down which Pokémon you want to buy because there are a lot of them, 26 in fact, but they’re all adorable.

Now you’re better equipped to celebrate Pokémon’s birthday than your own.