Facebook wants you to send 15-second birthday videos

"And you smell like one too"

Facebook has a lot of notification features that people love or hate. For example, the Facebook Memories notifications can be tragic for some (we’ve written a guide for turning it off). A more practical feature is the daily notification for birthdays. We’ve all probably forgotten the birthdays of important people at some point in our lives and Facebook does help to avoid the embarrassment. However, it could be argued that the feature has made birthday greetings less personal as we only do them because we’re notified to, and for most people it’s just a text post reading “Happy birthday.” We’ve become robots, sending standard greetings only because we’re instructed to by the big F.

Facebook looks to make birthday greetings more personal by letting us send 15-second videos, so now you can sing your greeting if you want. When you view a friend’s profile on their birthday you will get an option to post a birthday video. It’s just like any other video but you can scroll through a selection of birthday-themed frames. Reminding people to send videos to friends on their birthday, what could possibly go wrong? We predict a lot of genuinely loving messages and a few that Facebook might have to delete due to content.

The feature is currently rolling out to iOS users but will make its way to Android soon.

Main image © iStock/Andresr