This coffee is being marketed specifically to developers

You even have to solve a coding puzzle to get a discount

When it comes to coffee brands, it’s safe to say the market is fairly saturated; the filter could maybe do with changing. In response to this, one company has decided to go niche in its marketing by targeting developers.

<dev.Coffee/> has released what it calls “the world’s first coffee for developers.” Of course, technically every single coffee out there is for developers, so what are they saying makes this one stand apart? It’s two times stronger than your average cup of coffee, cheaper than your average energy drink, and better for you than energy drinks too.

Being a developer is a job that requires a high level of alertness and often long hours and <dev.Coffee/> seem to think that their mix of Arabica and Robusta beans roasted in South Carolina “will extend your programming hours and overall productivity” mostly because they’ve been roasted specifically to provide twice the amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. After two you’ll probably be able to see the Matrix.

You can buy 16 cups worth for $4.99 (around £3.50) or 64 cups worth for $19.99 (around £14) plus £10 for shipping to the UK. What we like though, is that you can get a 20% discount if you solve a coding puzzle. We imagine it’s not overly difficult – they want you to buy their coffee after all.

Their website is seriously lacking in Java puns, but it does have over 14,000 video tutorials on coding as well as tech conferences from around the world for you to watch. <dev.Coffee/> is certainly niche, but who knows, maybe they’re onto something. Or maybe they’re setting us up for offices filled with developers so over-caffeinated they can hear colours.