This dedicated Spotify player looks like an iPod Shuffle

Hopefully Apple overlooks the design similarities

It looks like an iPod Shuffle but it isn’t. The colour scheme looks like a Spotify product but it’s not. This is a unique music device called Mighty but it has Apple and Spotify in its DNA.

The iPod Shuffle was a great product for people with an active lifestyle. It meant no more carrying a heavy, power-hungry smartphone just waiting to be dropped during a run or at the gym. Unfortunately it involved the hell that is USB-syncing with iTunes. Spotify gives you access to most of your favourite music with no cables required but you need a smartphone to access the service. Neither solution is perfect on its own.

Mighty Audio look to combine the best of both worlds, giving the convenience of Spotify in the form factor of the iPod Shuffle. The Mighty isn’t the first music player that can stream Spotify, but the others do it via your smartphone. Mighty wants to be the only device you need for music while you’re out for a run or feeling the burn in the gym.

Image © Mighty Audio

The Mighty doesn’t actually stream from the internet; it’s just a standalone music player like the iPod Shuffle. To get Spotify music on the device you sync over Bluetooth with your smartphone. You only need to do this once (unless you want to update your library) so you can leave your smartphone behind when you hit the track. That’s what makes it different from other options on the market. The Mighty smartphone app downloads up to 48 hours worth of your Spotify music to the Mighty device much like when storing the music on your smartphone for offline play.

A Kickstarter campaign has just been started for Mighty and looks to be doing well, reaching a third of its $250,000 target overnight. There were special early bird backing options that gave away the Mighty as a reward for as little as $70 (£50) but they’re all gone now. The cheapest backing option that rewards you with a Mighty is $79 (£56.50), which is still a good deal because the final product will retail for around $109 (£78). If you back it now you can get it for £10 more than buying an iPod Shuffle.

The Mighty probably represents a match made in heaven if you’re a heavy Spotify user and a fitness freak. For those who prefer their local music collection, there won’t be much appeal. We’re just surprised nobody has done this before.

Main image © Mighty Audio