Oppo’s new battery tech could fully charge your phone in just 15 minutes

It's the smartphone version of a power nap

We love our smartphones, we rely on them, according to endless think pieces we never have them out of our hands. Unfortunately their batteries frequently aren’t up to the task of surviving the full day with us. This has created a pretty big market for portable power banks that give our phone’s a mid-afternoon boost when the battery bar edges dangerously close to the red zone but phone company Oppo have revealed they’re developing some battery tech that could fully charge our phones in a matter of minutes rather than simply give them a 20 to 30% boost. It’s like allowing your phone to have a restorative power nap rather than pouring a cup of coffee down its throat.

Called Super VOOC Flash Charge, the technology will be capable of charging an empty 2500 mAh to 45% in just five minutes, and achieve a full charge in 15 minutes. It works using a low-voltage pulse-charge system alongside Oppo’s customised battery which allows for a dynamically regulated current to prevent your phone meeting its untimely end in a battery inferno.

Apparently Oppo have 18 patents pending for this technology that’s been in development for three years and it will work using traditional micro-USB and USB type-C cables. The development will be limited to Oppo devices and it’ll feature on their next handset. I’ve never experienced any massive need for an Oppo phone, but I have to admit this does make them interesting. Although I’m not sure I’m sufficiently over the Bill Cosby fiasco.

Via Oppo