These beautiful console covers let you mix tech with nature

You can get laser-cut wooden covers for your smartphone too

Gaming is beautiful. Games can be beautiful. But the consoles themselves? They’re usually pretty ugly. The nicest consoles aren’t eyesores but they’re still cold, dead, plastic boxes. Toast, a company that launched from Kickstarter back in 2012, wants to help people turn their interactive black boxes into head-turning works of art.

Toast offers wooden covers for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and now gaming consoles. There are many skins available that can make your consoles look wooden, but Toast offers the real thing and they’re beautiful. They use real wood, which is laser-cut and then hand-finished. Anything with lasers gets our approval.

We thought wooden cases would be massive and chunky compared to skins. However, a wooden cover by Toast is more like a skin than a box at just 0.8 mm thick. They attach securely and hug the console closely, so it adds no bulk and nothing slides around inside. The end result is a console that’s as awesome on the outside as it is on the inside.

Toast offers walnut, ash, bamboo, and ebony options for PS4 and Xbox One covers and they start at $59 (£42.27). Perhaps the best thing they do is custom engraving. For $64 (£45.85) you can have custom text engraved onto your case, and for $89 (£63.76) you can engrave custom images as well. International economy shipping is between $5 – $15 (£3.58 – £10.75).

Right, time to prepare that Gadgette logo for engraving.

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