6 things we want this week

Happy Buyday Friday!

It’s payday, it’s Friday, and we feel like treating ourselves. So here’s all the stuff Team Gadgette wants this week.

Editor Holly

First aid biscuits

I’m feeling a bit snuffly and sorry for myself this week so I’d like this box of iced biscuits in the shape of first aid treats. OK, so the idea of eating a plaster isn’t the most appealing, but frankly when I feel like this I’ll stuff my face with absolutely anything.

First Aid Biscuit Tin, £30 from the incredible Biscuiteers.

HP printer

It amazes me in 2016 that we still need printers as much as we do, but my lack of one has been a real vexation lately. This morning I needed to sign a form and a digital signature wasn’t acceptable, and last week I wanted to print my airline boarding pass and couldn’t. This HP model has wifi, a scanner, and kind of looks like a whale, which I appreciate.

HP Deskjet 3630 All in One Printer, £39.99 from the home of exciting stationery, Ryman

Gamer in Chief Emma

Baymax Plushie

I would quite happily cocoon myself in adorable plushies and this is the one I have my eye on next. Ideally I’d have a full-sized Baymax in my life but until that day comes, I’m more than willing to accept this much smaller and no less cute version.

Big Hero 6 Fabrikations Baymax Plush, £16.99 from the home of nerdery, Forbidden Planet.

Graffiti cake mix

I want to be considered a creative genius baker but I’m not.  Sure, my M&M brownies would blow. Your. Mind. But when it comes to truly impressive, Instagram-worthy stuff I fall short. Which is why I really want this graffiti cake mix from Firebox so that when the occasion comes, I can self-rise to it.

£9.99 on pre-order from Firebox now. Preordering cake mix. World’s gone mad. *Preorders*

Science Officer Jen

Kindle Voyage

I had an old Kindle years ago and currently use a cheap Kobo, but I’m desperate for a better e-reader. The Kindle Voyage is pricey but it has everything I’d really like from an e-reader. My Kobo has no backlight or physical buttons. I often don’t have time to read until I’m in bed, so the lack of a backlight is a real pain. I love touchscreens on Kindles but the lack of page-turning buttons gets to me when I’m wearing gloves because it’s cold waiting for my train. I don’t want to take my gloves off just to turn the page, dammit!

It’s £169.99 for the Wi-Fi only version or £229.99 for 3G, from Amazon UK.

Nessie kitchen utensils

I’m a sucker for things that are cute, practical, and Scottish, so I’m all over this Nessie family for the kitchen. The designs are adorable and I love the tiny little feet that makes them stand upright. The largest is a colander, the medium-sized one is a ladle, and the baby Nessie is a tea strainer. I love that they stack together!

£34.99 from Firebox. Let’s hope they don’t disappear in your sink.