Amsterdam is getting the world’s first permanent cinema dedicated to VR

Say goodbye to the big screen

Not long ago it was announced that a gaming hotel was opening in Amsterdam and we all sighed in envy. Now from March 2nd they’ll be home to the world’s first permanent cinema dedicated to VR making it official that Amsterdam is becoming the home of everything cool and I’m experiencing some serious city envy.

The cinema is the work of &samhoud media who previously took their pop up VR cinemas around a variety of cities across Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands but are now deciding to settle in Amsterdam. Their main aim is to make the VR experience more mainstream and accessible to a wider audience by dedicating their cinema to 360 degree video experiences.

The cinema will replace the big screen with Samsung Gear headsets and Samsung S6 phones to avoid the hassle of cords and wires and they’re swapping out the traditional cinema seats for 360 degree swivel chairs for complete freedom of movement. To make the experience as immersive as possible every attendee will also be provided with a pair of lightweight Sennheiser headphones (I wouldn’t mind these in ordinary cinemas to block out the rustling and incessant breeze of whispers).

The cinema is able to hold 50 viewers at a time and each movie experience will last around 30 minutes. There’s no information just yet about what kind of films they’ll be showing but each ticket will cost €12.50 (around £10). It sounds like a good opportunity to get more people involved in the VR experience, and there’s something so simultaneously social and anti-social about the entire thing I can’t help but be interested. &samhoud have no intentions to limit themselves to Amsterdam; they’re planning to open dedicated VR cinemas in London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid next.

Main Image via &samhoud