This hilarious app will split your bill based on privilege

"Let me explain a few things, boo"

Some of us are more privileged than others. That’s an inescapable fact and something backed by government statistics. Comedian Luna Malbroux used these very statistics to create EquiPay, a hilarious app that splits bills and educates users about privilege at the same time. The app is so good it was the Grand Prize winner at the SF 2016 Comedy Hack Day.

When starting the app for the first time, users are asked to input their race and gender. The gender option is presented as a slider that makes it much more inclusive for non-binary people, though it still isn’t perfect (I hear you, agender friends). In terms of functionality, the app simply takes a total for a bill and splits it between everyone else. What makes it different is that the most recent gender and race statistics are taken into account when calculating how much everyone owes.

If you’re unhappy with having to pay more than someone else, you can protest the calculation and select arguments such as “I’m aware of my privilege”, to which the app responds, “??? Good for you! But you’re still paying up.” The responses to the protests are as educational as they are funny. If you tell the app that privilege isn’t really a problem any more, you get schooled with pay gap statistics. We love the combination of comedy and tech to educate people. You can watch Malbroux herself present the app:

EquiPay is under development and will soon be launched on iOS.

Main image © pexel

Story via Mail Online