Gadgette’s Mother’s Day gift guide for techy mums

It's time to make her life easier

You of all people know your mum is a busy person; she’s got endless amounts of things she has to do, and even more that she wants to do so why not help her to stop sweating the small stuff with some of this handy tech? These gifts will make her day run more smoothly or just make it easier for her to relax and we’re sure she’ll appreciate that.

Smart Coffee Maker/Kettle

You didn’t always understand your mum’s need to ingest caffeine before having to deal with your shit in the morning but now you almost certainly do. She’ll surely appreciate a gift that will have her morning tea or coffee ready and waiting for her when she comes into the kitchen. These WiFi connected devices from Smarter will do just the trick. They have a coffee machine and a kettle, both of which can be remotely controlled via an iOS and Android compatible app.

The iKettle is £99.99 and the coffee machine is £179.99, both of which can be found on Firebox with free delivery.


We all know that, based on their insistence that we eat our greens, mums alone could keep the fruit and veg industry afloat. But even mums, the great proponents of fresh produce, must get tired of making sure they meet their quota of healthy foods every day. Help her mix things up a little with a personal blender. A Nutribullet will let health conscious mums get their full five portions at once with minimal fuss. Plus, she can also make ice cream shakes with it, because health is all about balance.

You can find the Nutribullet for £69.99 plus free delivery on Amazon now.

Charging bag

Like everyone else, your mum is reliant on her phone, her tablet, or her iPod to the degree that it will never retain its charge for a full day. She doesn’t have time to stop and wait for her phone to charge; she’s a woman with shit to do, so help her do it with a bag that will carry her device and charge it all at once. There are many bags out there than have phone chargers built in, but often you find they’re tiny clutch bags that hold your phone and not much else. That’s why I quite like Carnaby London’s line. Their charging bags are available in a range of styles, colours, and sizes giving them a satisfying balance of fashion and function.

You can find their full line here where prices start from £35 with free UK delivery.

If you’re feeling a little more flush and have a mum that needs a bag dedicated to organising the abundance of tech she has on the go, it’s also worth considering Knomo’s Elektronista line.

Their bags will cost you more at £249, but as well as coming with a built-in charger, they have an incredibly practical fold out design that helps you organise your tech and access everything with ease. No rummaging required.

Portable Photo Printer

If your mum is snap happy with her smartphone but laments the fact that the photos are a bit of a nightmare to print, you should consider buying her a portable photo printer. Ink free, available in a variety of colours and compatible with iOS and Android devices so that she can print straight from her phone or tablet via Bluetooth, Polaroid’s portable printers should get mum’s approval.

You can find them on Amazon for £109.99 plus free delivery. You can also provide her with 50 sheets of Polaroid’s special zero ink photo paper to get started for £23.95.

Wine Chiller and Aerator

If your mum likes nothing more than relaxing with a glass of wine after a hard day, you want to make sure she’s having the best tasting wine possible and the Corkcicle Air could help with that. Shaped like an icicle, this thermal gel device promises to chill reds to cellar temperature in 15 minutes and keep whites cold for an hour, without diluting the taste. It also aerates the wine as you pour, adding just the right amount of oxygen to make the wine taste great, without having to wait like with traditional decanting methods.

You can find Corkcicle Air on Firebox for £19.99 with free delivery.

The Baby Owner’s Manual

Baby owner

New mothers will welcome this technical guide that promises to provide all the instructions, trouble-shooting, and advice necessary for the first-year maintenance of your bundle of joy. Schematic diagrams and handy FAQs will help address known issues.

The Baby Owners Manual is available on Amazon for £12.08.


She knows as well as you do that the blue light from our screens is ruining our sleep, but that doesn’t stop your mum getting into bed and watching her favourite shows or listening to music. She doesn’t want to keep everyone else awake, though, and uncomfortable headphones certainly aren’t helping her sleep any faster so why not get her these headphones that are made just for bed? They’re lightweight, soft and wireless so that she can rest her head and drift off during her next Netflix binge.

Available in black, grey, purple, blue, and pink, you can find the TellyPhones on the SleepPhones website for £99.99 plus £2.99 delivery.