LEGO and BB-8 combine to make our dreams come true

Come on LEGO, make it official!

LEGO and BB-8. It’s the perfect combination but surely it falls at the first hurdle. The popular astromech droid from The Force Awakens is round, rolls about, and has a head that stays upright at all times. Isn’t blocky LEGO a bad choice of building materials for such a character? NEVER says Mark Smiley and James Garrett.

The two master builders used only official LEGO pieces to create a BB-8 toy that can roll and has a head that stays on top using official LEGO magnets. The round body isn’t a common sight in LEGO sets but comes from another Star Wars product: a Sebulba pod-racer. It even has attachable arms for the zapper BB-8 uses on Finn and the hilarious “thumbs-up” torch. BB-8 can roll around on the ground but can also be presented on a stand with a crank to demonstrate the rolling.

The BB-8 project has been submitted to LEGO Ideas. If it gets 10,000 supporters, LEGO will consider releasing it as an official set. It currently has 2,717 supporters with over a year to go so hopefully we’ll see a fully-licensed, rolling BB-8 in Lego Stores someday! Watch it in action here:

To vote for BB-8 to become an official LEGO product, visit LEGO Ideas.

All images © Mark Smiley and James Garrett