This smart shower tells you when you’re using too much water

Not everyone takes the hint of pruning fingers

There’s enough steam to make a plate of dumplings, your skin is beginning to prune and you’re fairly certain that you’re developing webbed fingers and toes. But five more minutes won’t hurt. We’re all guilty of taking a shower that’s just a little bit too long sometimes; maybe you’re trying to heat up after a cold day, or your muscles are sore, or maybe you just need some time to think in a place where you’re unable to be distracted by your electronics, and doing so every so often can be relaxing. However, when having long showers is just a regular part of your routine, you could be doing some serious damage to your wallet, not to mention the environment.

Having a ten minute shower can see you using well over 60 litres of water, which, when you consider the fact that you’re only even supposed to drink 2 litres a day, is a lot. The problem is, when you’re in the shower without a watch or your phone it can be hard to know just how much water you’re using and how much is too much. That’s where the Hyrdao Smart Shower seems like it could be useful.

Developed by a French firm called Start & Blue, the Hyrdao Smart Shower has built-in LED lights that tell you how much water you’ve used. The limits that cause the colour change and the colours themselves are set by you using the device’s iOS and Android app which it connects to using Bluetooth. For example, you could set it to mean green is under 10 litres of water used, amber is verging on 30 litres of water and red is “you’ve used more than 30 litres of water, get out before you drown, amphibian.”

You can even set up profiles for different family members up to a number of four on the app to track and target that one long shower taker (it’s totally me). It doesn’t go as far as allowing you to shut off the water flow, but it’d be interesting if it did. Or even some kind of voice alert that everyone in the house would obviously refer to as ‘shower god.’

Being able to set your own limits as to how much water is too much water is a good thing and a bad thing; it gives you freedom to determine what’s right for you and your shower, but it does mean you’ll have to do a bit of research and go through some degree of trial and error to make it work for you.

Hydrao claim that using the showerhead could reduce your water consumption by up to 25% per shower. That’s a big saving on water and energy bills, especially since the showerhead itself doesn’t require any batteries or external power source; it uses a tiny internal turbine and the water that flows through it to keep the lights and Bluetooth connectivity going. It can even be fitted to any conventional shower hose so you don’t have to make any changes to your bathroom.

The Hydrao Smart Shower is gearing up to launch on Kickstarter later this year where you’ll be able to buy one for around $99 (£67). To sign up for an alert about the launch of the Kickstarter, you can visit their website.

Main Image via Hydrao