Nixon’s Star Wars watches are the best in the galaxy

Now you can time your commute in parsecs (if it was a measurement of time)

When I think of novelty themed watches its hard not to think of something like the classic Mickey Mouse watch. It’s cute but it’s very obvious. Nixon’s Star Wars Collection, however, is subtle and sometimes rather beautiful.

The Collection’s website has great photos and information about the characters and factions that are represented in the faction. Indeed, the design of the website and the watches shows some real love and attention to detail.

The watches are inspired by characters or factions from the Star Wars universe, specifically the original trilogy. The design of the face reflects the character or faction and the rear has a memorable quote. For example, the C-3PO watch uses the iconic gold casing and shows exposed wires for some of the hour markers, although there is a version without the exposed wires. On the rear there’s a picture of the worry-prone protocol droid and the words, “This is madness.” R2-D2’s quote is of course “Beep boop.” A classic.

There’s a Jedi watch that replaces the day/night dial with a light side vs dark side dial. The dark side collection includes watches for Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and even Imperial Pilots. There are a couple of watches for everyone’s favourite bounty hunter too.

The watches are available in many sizes but it could be better. Like the universe of the original trilogy, it sometimes feels that women are an afterthought. Most of the watches are available down to a medium size but only the Stormtooper and Darth Vader watches are available in small.

We do love the designs though. They’re obvious enough to show off your fandom if you must, but most are subtle enough to appear as a normal watch without standing out. The R2-D2 and Boba Fett models we’re showing off aren’t quite as subtle but the Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and C-3PO models look like ordinary watches at first glance. They’re available from £65 for the simple “time teller” models and the prices can rise upwards of £200 depending on the model.

All images © Nixon