This modular power strip makes so much sense

Wireless charging, wireless speaker, Wi-Fi extender, Youmo does it all

The power strip (or extension lead) was a terrific invention in the early 70s. Looking around our homes or the office, it’s hard to imagine life without them given the amount of technology in our lives. The power strip has served us well for 45 years but it’s probably due an upgrade to reflect our changing technology requirements. That’s where Good Gadgets steps in with its Kickstarter campaign for Youmo: a smart, modular power strip.

The Youmo does what all power strips do: it provides more sockets for your devices. How many sockets? That depends on how many modules you use. Not all our devices charge using plugs these days, which is why there are Youmo modules for USB and even wireless charging. The modules go beyond device charging. There’s a wireless speaker, a night light, and even a module that extends the range of your router’s Wi-Fi signal. All these modules simply snap into place at the end of the Youmo unit.

One of the modules connects to a smartphone app that lets you turn the other modules on or off remotely. This is an amazing feature if you have a habit of leaving on the lights or something more dangerous like hair straighteners. The app can be used as a remote or rules can be set so that the module turns on and off at specific times.

The Kickstarter campaign is going well has already passed the €50,000 target they were hoping for. The initial shipments will only be available for European and American socket types. If they reach €150,000 then they will definitely be making it compatible with plug type G, which is what we use in the UK. The cheapest backing option that includes Youmo as a reward is €30 (£23.29) plus shipping costs €15 (£11.65).

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