This one cable charges both iPhones and Androids

One cable to rule them all

“Two devices, both alike in dignity,/ In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,/ From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,/ Where civil connectors makes civil charging ports unclean.”

Alright, so the Android and Apple device divide might not be quite as bad as the Montagues and the Capulets but when you’re living in a home with an abundance of tech, their unwillingness to share a charger cable can begin to feel like a pointless inconvenience which has resulted in the loss of many a precious power percentage. Particularly when your charger cable collection is less than organised; you just want to charge your iPhone? Here, have eight micro-USB cables, courtesy of the universe.

Ideally, cables would be out of the picture completely but until that glorious day, this Kickstarter project wants to make owning micro-USB and Lightning devices a little more convenient by creating a charger that fits both of them. It’s called the LMCable and, like most innovative ideas, it’s actually fairly simple. It’s one cable and one connector, but one side of the connector fits Apple devices, and the other fits micro-USB.

With a current of 2.4 A, the cable supports fast charging and its tin-plated copper wires are apparently ten times more durable than regular wires.

LMCable is seeking $5000 on Kickstarter, but it’s completely smashed that goal and is sitting at $46,618 at time of writing with 29 days of the campaign left to go. If you’d like to pledge some money yourself, $21 (around £11) will secure you a cable in your choice of colour with an estimated delivery date of April 2016. This shipping date is ludicrously soon and the creators are already anticipating delays to delivery times due to the sheer number of orders.

The main thing to bear in mind about this cable is that there’s a very slim chance it’ll be approved by Apple for meeting its “Made for iPhone” standards so if that certification is important to you, don’t expect to see it on this device. There are plenty of chargers out there from existing companies that are able to charge all your devices, like this one that has a Lightning connector as an adaptor. If, however, you’re determined to charge all your tech by using one neat cable and you’re happy to take the Kickstarter risk, LMCable could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Images via Kickstarter