Geeky find of the week: book bags

We heard you like books

Back in December one of our geeky finds of the week was an item Hermione Granger would covet: a purse that looked like a spellbook. Like us, many of you expressed a wish that there was a bigger version of the purse; what good is something that expresses your love of books if you can’t carry a book around in it? Well, now we’ve found these literal book bags and we’re pretty excited about it.

The bag comes in two styles so whether you prefer a messenger bag or a backpack for better weight distribution of those heavy tomes there’s something to suit you. Or you could take the approach we take to buying real books and just get both of them. You can never have too many books or book accessories. The inside of the backpack is actually quite interesting; as well as looking like a book it opens like one too, folding out rather than zipping from the top, minimising rummaging.

If you’ve been looking for something that will hide your spellbook purse from the muggles, you can find both of these bags on ThinkGeek. The backpack style is $59.99 (around £43) and the messenger bag is $49.99 (around £36). Both items qualify for ThinkGeek’s economy international shipping which is $27.72 (around £19).