Secretly communicate in droid using these Star Wars helmets

Beep boop beep

Ah, Droid – it’s such a romantic, evocative language, but it’s notoriously difficult for the human tongue to master. Mostly because we actually have tongues. Until now. A Canadian electronics designer, AE Innovations, has created a helmet that translates everything you say into Droid when you’re wearing it. Well, kind of. The helmet isn’t actually translating anything, it just has a throat mic built in that’s able to detect when you’re speaking and emit gibberish Droid instead. We still think that’s incredibly cool.

However, the best part of this helmet by a light year is that when it’s paired with another helmet, it becomes a means of secret communication similar to a walkie talkie. The helmets use WiFi to communicate and when one person speaks, their normal speaking voice is transmitted to the earpiece of the other helmet, whilst droid sounds are heard by everyone else. You can see the helmets in action below:

The helmets aren’t available to buy anywhere, but AE Innovations has made it possible for people with the technical skills and determination to create their own at home by posting his development process on Hackster. He’s included his thoughts on the process and the lessons he’s learned as well as his schematics and the materials, audio files and images he used. It definitely doesn’t look like a simple creation, process though, and AE Innovations says himself he has plans for improving the helmets in the future.

If you’ve got the time and the knowledge to commit yourself to creating your own helmet you could be looking at having the greatest paired Halloween costume of all time.