10 of the best geeky gifts for Easter


The calendar had barely flipped over to 2016 before the shops were bursting with the usual Easter fare. Steer clear of generic chocolate offerings this year and give the gift of geekery instead.

10. The Eggsterminator egg cup

Ah, see what they did with the name here? Make sure your loved ones are ready to face the day with this boss breakfast accessory.

£8.99, Amazon

9. This edible games controller

Rage quitting gets a delicious new silver lining.

Pack of three, £9, Amazon

8. This Jurassic surprise

Forget the usual chocolate offerings ensconced within Easter eggs – here, melt away the wax to reveal an adorable porcelain raptor. Light, uh, finds a way.

£29.99, Firebox

7. These bunnies in disguise

Perfect for those who like their superheroes hard and their plushies soft, these – admittedly slightly bewildering – cuddly bunny heroes come in characters from every universe.

£19.87, Etsy

6. These earrings which you definitely shouldn’t eat

The less said about the new Crème Egg recipe the better, but you can still pay homage to a cult candy icon with these cute earrings.

£11.99, Etsy

5. This evil zombie bunny bag

Who said rabbits had to be cute and cuddly? This character would definitely give the Easter bunny a run for its money.

£7.80, Zazzle

4. Mario’s sweet surprise

Make like Mario and level up your mate’s Easter with these cute question mark tins full of coin-shaped strawberry sours.

£2.99, Gamerabilia

3. These Easter Puggy ankle socks

Bunnies are cute, pugs are cuter and pugs with bunny ears are THE CUTEST.

£3, ASOS

2. This sweet treat which is out-of-this-world

Show some solidarity for all the astronauts who’ll be chowing down on their usual powdered pudding this Easter with these sweet space food blocks.

£5.99, Firebox

1. This old favourite

Okay, chocolate does seem to taste better when it’s egg-shaped, so why break with tradition? This Marvel set features a chocolate egg, mini-eggs and a cool comic book-inspired mug.

£5, Debenhams