This game awards players with real bars of gold

But you really have to work for it

The California Gold Rush of 1849 saw hundreds of thousands of gold seekers leave their homes and families, traverse harsh land and sea conditions, and put their lives on the line in the hopes of getting rich on the west coast of America. Jump forward to 2016 and we’re returning to our homes and families, traversing crowded public transport and busy roads, putting our patience on the line all to get to the app store and try to earn some gold from a mobile game called Dig That Gold. Times change in the weirdest ways.

Dig That Gold is calling itself “the first game to truly show appreciation for its players” by rewarding their play with actual 24 carat bars of gold. Seriously. The game itself has players travel across several in-game continents in search of gold that, when found, must be panned. Every virtual nugget of gold found by players will be stored in their in-game bank account and when you reach certain milestones in the game you’ll be awarded a real bar of gold in the post. It’s a simple enough idea, but we’re pretty sure it’ll take some serious time-commitment to earn your gold.

The first challenge in the game is actually finding the gold in one of the continents whilst keeping an eye on your character’s energy and oxygen levels. Once you’ve found it you then have to collect enough gold to pan it. Panning the gold is in itself a mini-puzzle game in which you separate the nuggets from the surrounding dirt. Even then you have to repeat this process enough times to actually meet the game’s milestone for receiving your gold so we imagine it’s going to take a few hours of gameplay every night to get anywhere. When you reach a milestone, you’ll be offered the chance to cash in and take what gold you have, or keep going and work towards the next milestone.

The size of the gold bar you receive is entirely dependent on how many milestones you’re willing to work through, so you could get a bar that weighs anything from one gram to twenty grams. The game’s creators say there’s no limit on how much gold you can claim. You just have to be willing to work for it.

Mike Barrow, senior developer of Dig That Gold says that Project M, the company behind the game, “continually strive for creative and technical excellence, but our added drive and excitement is fuelled by our new innovative business model, which is one that is unique in the gaming industry. We’re creating player rewards that bridge the virtual and real worlds.”

Project M have an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing people who have earned their gold bars and received them in the post and you can check it out here. You can see their exhaustion.

If you have some time to spare for prospecting, you can download Dig That Gold for free from iTunes. There’s no Android version of the game available just yet, but Project M say it’s coming soon. We don’t know about you, but we’re really craving a bowl of Golden Nuggets right about now.