Virtual reality and Where’s Wally are a perfect match

Don't tell us he's called Waldo

Where’s Wally? is a popular series of children’s books by Martin Handford that you might have read in school. Different countries use variations on the name including Where’s Waldo? in the United States. If you haven’t experienced the frustration of this series, let us explain the appeal: you’re tasked with finding Wally among a double-spread illustration containing hundreds of other characters. The frustration arose from the fact that red herrings were included such as people wearing the same hat as Wally or people with all the correct clothing but a bushy beard.

Corridor Digital has brought the series into the 21st century by creating an amazing 360° video version on Youtube and it’s a perfect combination. You can pan around using your cursor to explore the living environment looking for Wally (or Waldo in this case). The classic red herrings are everywhere and there are surprise distractions in the form of Nintendo characters and other strange occurrences. You can take the experience further with a virtual reality headset such as Google Cardboard. It’s a game that’s absolutely perfect for virtual reality and I’m surprised nobody else has thought of it before. Take a look:

This could be taken much further by designing an actual app for virtual reality, which would allow the user to click and identify when Wally appears. Puzzle and crime science investigation VR games could evolve from this sort of experience, where individual clues are tagged at the correct moment in order to complete levels. The Where’s Waldo 360 video might be some silly fun, but each time we see a new idea using virtual reality we get more and more excited for future applications.

If you’re wondering how Where’s Waldo 360 was made, there’s a behind-the-scenes video that shows the surprising effort they went to.

Main image © Walker Books