STEAM Angels is a line of smart dresses for smart women

"Brainy is beautiful"

There’s a serious misconception that an interest in STEM fields negates any possible interest in being feminine, which has arisen in part, no doubt, from these fields being so heavily dominated by men. According to a report by the TrueChild organisation, from a young age women are made to feel that they have to “make a choice between excelling at STEM or being feminine” and the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign on social media last year made it abundantly clear that misguided stereotypes are everywhere and women are tired of them.

Well, we think there’s room for every kind of woman in STEM and we also think a floaty skirt is not a chute for the brain. Another group of women clearly feel the same because they’ve designed a line of dresses that they say “unapologetically celebrates femininity and the awesomeness of women in STEAM” much like the STEM inspired clothing of designer Holly Renee.

The line is called STEAM Angels from a company started by Jaya Iyer and Eva Everett called Svaha. They call their line STEAM rather than STEM because they want to celebrate the Arts too. Svaha say they are “huge proponents of the importance of the Arts as part of a STEM educational foundation” and that some education in the Arts alongside science and maths teaches creativity and helps to propel innovation. As a former Arts student with an interest in science and technology who was consistently made to feel that my course of study somehow made me less intelligent and less worthwhile than my STEM counterparts, I say hallelujah!

Jaya and Eva wanted to “create a way for women to own STEM in their own way” and to show that “science is equally accessible to girls and boys” so their dresses all feature fun designs inspired by the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and maths. The science dress celebrates the work of Rosalind Franklin with a double helix design; the technology dress gives a nod to Ada Lovelace and female coders the world over with a JavaScript print; the engineering dress features a train of mechanical gears; the arts dress showcases the origami bird, an art form whose concept has been used throughout STEM fields; and the maths dress has a polka dot print, with each dot containing its own mathematical symbol. There also a bonus accessory: an infinity symbol scarf.

All of the dresses are 100% cotton and machine washable, available in US sizes 2 through to 4X. In the UK that would be sizes 6 through to 4X. The best thing, though, is that they all have pockets. If you’d love to get your hands on one of these nerdy dresses, Svaha are seeking funding on Kickstarter now. They’re trying to raise $15,000 and they’re already well on their way with $11,380 at time of writing and 27 days still to go in their campaign. Pledging $25 (around £18) will get you your own infinity symbol scarf, but if you want one of the STEAM Angels dresses you’ll have to pledge $49 (around £35) and you can expect to receive it in the post in May 2016.

Jaya and Eva say that though they understand their line “probably seems like an insignificant solution to a much bigger problem in our society” they think fashion plays an important role in our identities, allowing us to show who we are and influence how others see us. Plus, they make it really easy to spot a fellow science lover!

Images via Kickstarter