Anya Hindmarch’s new collection is a retro gamer’s dream

Space Invader accessories anyone?

Anya Hindmarch AW16

Inspired by arcade games from the 80’s, British designer Anya Hindmarch put together a vintage videogame-focussed AW16 show full of coats covered in giant pixels and boots dotted in emojis and pixellated characters. The stark-faced models with cool-toned minimal makeup sported fluffy totes and backpacks featuring playful Pac-Man and Space Invader motifs.

Yes, obviously, we want all of it.

Heat-bonded leather pixels on the #AW16 oversized coat #AnyaHindmarch #ANYAAW16 #DetailsofLFW #LFW

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The set was built from giant coloured flashing cubes, all fitting together to produce a giant Rubik’s Cube. We hope they issued a warning to viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.

Snakeskin was cleverly used throughout the collection, complementing and sometimes converging with the pixellated designs featured on bags and shoes from afar, almost morphing into each other.

Snakeskin? Pixels? Same difference.

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Giant pixels and a computer with a beating heart: the #AW16 set #ANYAAW16 #LFW #AnyaHindmarch

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Cashmere, shearling, mink and faux fur filled the space as videogame sounds fired up, before a techno remix of Handel’s Messiah blared through the speakers (yes, really) creating an atmosphere that was retro yet futuristic. The combination of patterns, pixels, Pac-Men and emojis moving back and forth on walking mannequins, merging with giant cubes flashing garish colours, was like watching an 80’s arcade game in action. A sign read, “Do computers dream when they sleep?” and that’s exactly how it felt, like a physical manifestation of a computer having a dream.

On Instagram, Hindmarch explained that they’d experimented with new technologies for this collection, having explored “each design using multiple techniques such as heat-fusing, leather marquetry and intricate embroidery”.

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This collection is the latest from Hindmarch in a line of science and technology-inspired fashion shows. Last year, she brought us motorway chic with her M25 inspired show where the invites read, “Expect severe delays”. Coats featured large slogans ripped from common motorway warning signs such as “KEEP YOUR DISTANCE” and red traffic light stop signs, not to forget the cutesy grass-green coloured tote with “GO” written in the middle.

In 2014, she pushed boundaries with literal floating models, planets and totes, creating an intergalactic paradise around and above the rows of journalists, celebrities and buyers. Will Hindmarch continue to blaze the trail of computer and videogame inspired fashion? Perhaps, but it’s more likely that something completely different will take her fancy next season. Emojis probably won’t be disappearing from Hindmarch-labelled clothing anytime soon, however. They’ve been making cameos in her collections on and off since forever. Big yellow smiley faces were sneakily floating in the sky during her Galaxy Mania SS14 show, her totes were covered in emojis for SS15 and have made a more subtle comeback for AW16.

@anyahindmarch show was UH-MAZING #anyahindmarchSS14

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Anya Hindmarch SS14

Obviously this latest collection, full of pixels and everything videogame-wonderful is fantastic and we want it now. But you’ll be hard pressed to find any piece for under £300 when it’s released for public consumption later this year, and that would probably be for a mere fluffy Space Invader bag charm (slight exaggeration, it would just about get you a pair of emoji covered Hindmarch trainers).

@karliekloss spotted at #PFW wearing the #AW16 Pac-Man Ghost coat #AnyaHindmarch #wearingANYA

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We’ll stick to scrolling and sighing on Instagram, then.

Main image: Anya Hindmarch