Indiegogo is celebrating Women’s Day with a year-long diversity initiative

Women who start campaigns will receive extra mentoring and support

Indiegogo has been a positive and progressive force in the crowdfunding scene since it was founded in 2007. Today, on International Women’s Day, Indiegogo are launching an initiative to support diversity in entrepreneurship. For the next year, campaigns run by women will receive extra mentoring from Indiegogo’s support team.

The impact that Indiegogo has for female entrepreneurs can’t be overstated. It’s an equal opportunity crowdfunding platform that empowers women. The majority of venture capital funds never go to businesses founded by women but 47% of successful Indiegogo campaigns are run by women. The new initiative follows a study by researchers at UC Berkeley that looked at 9,900 Indiegogo campaigns. They found that women are positive and use inclusive language that helps them reach larger audiences.

Indiegogo co-founder Danae Ringelmann is proud of what the crowdfunding site has achieved. “Because it’s a completely open platform Indiegogo has broken down gender inequalities and removed bias from the funding equation. We’re really proud of building a platform where all ideas are welcome and have a chance to thrive.” Women have raised millions of pounds funding highly successful projects like Jibo, the world’s first social home robot that raised £2.6 million. Let’s not forget the Axent Wear’s amazing cat ear headphones that raised £2.4 million.

As you can see, these headphones are guaranteed to amaze those around you.

The initiative is being run in collaboration with several organisations that empower female entrepreneurs including Trep Life, a website for sharing entrepreneurs stories. “We’re incredibly excited to be a part of Indiegogo’s initiative to support and encourage women entrepreneurs,” said Trep Life CEO Malachi Leopold. “Every Indiegogo campaign involves a leap of faith, taking a risk, betting on yourself – and that’s what Trep Life is all about. We’re looking forward to telling stories that are launched from this initiative.”

Other collaborators include Blooming Founders, which works to support early stage female entrepreneurs. Blooming Founders CEO Lu Li has been impressed by the impact Indiegogo has had helping women with early career finances. “Now women get a fair chance and more access to investors, both men and women who, in contrary to established funding institutions, are willing to back a woman-led business idea. Hopefully, more successful campaigns led by women will empower other women to consider crowdfunding as an avenue of fundraising.”

Other collaborators include Girls in Tech UK and Lipstick & Politics. “It’s no secret that women still face a multitude of challenges when it comes to representation in leadership. As of 2015, there are 9.4 million women owned businesses, yet support and career advancement is negligible. Lipstick & Politics is excited to partner with Indiegogo and support women in entrepreneurship through their initiative,” said Lipstick & Politics founder Mira Veda.

We’ve always been impressed by Indiegogo’s progressive philosophy and the power of tech and crowdfunding to empower female entrepreneurs. Hopefully the initiative will encourage and foster more women in the early stages of their careers.

You can take a look at Indiegogo’s page celebrating female entrepreneurs to see successful campaigns and start your own through the new initiative.

Main image © Indiegogo