This browser extension will replace your Facebook Reactions with Pokémon

Angry yellow face or a grumpy Jigglypuff? It's not a difficult decision

The launch of Facebook Reactions was one of those things that caused a murmur. Some of the murmurs were interested, some less so, some were pleased and some definitely not. The expansion on Facebook’s like button was certainly something that had been called for, but the expressive yellow faces that came as a result naturally didn’t appeal to everyone. It’s actually been long enough in that weird social media time bubble, where the half life of novelty is much shorter than that of real life, that most people are now probably bored of the faces more than anything.

Fortunately, with a new Chrome and Firefox browser extension there’s a way to change them, just to keep things interesting. Called Reaction Packs, the extension lets you swap out Facebook’s chosen reaction faces with custom designs. Some of these sets include Pokemon, Soot Sprites, Pocket Mortys, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I know.

There aren’t all that many packs available just now, but the extension is fairly new and if there’s one you’d really like to see happen you can always make it yourself and publish it on the page where you’ll get credit and a link to your website.

The process of changing the reactions is simple: just download the extension, click ‘Use This Pack’ under whichever set catches your eye and return to Facebook to see it take effect. Of course these changes are purely aesthetic and just for your eyes (no one else can see that you have Charizard approved their status) but it’s a nice feature that personalises your Facebook experience a little more.

If you’d like to see what sets are available you can visit the Reaction Packs page here.