This smart clothing can help you be your own personal trainer

Perfect for a workout with minimal social interaction

Lifting weights is a great way to get fit and build muscle; it can even improve your cardio performance. But lifting weights isn’t the kind of thing to throw yourself into without guidance. Having the right form and technique is essential, not just to get the most out of your workout but to ensure that you don’t severely injure yourself. One way to ensure you have the correct form is to have someone of a similar build show you how they move, another is to pay for a personal trainer.

Or you could do it without having to talk to anyone with smart workout clothes brand Enflux. Similar to, and ready to compete with, smart workout brands like Athos, Enflux clothes are fitted with a series of sensors which track the 3D movement and various vitals of your body during workouts and translate the information to a companion app. The iOS and Android app is then able to give real-time feedback regarding your performance to help you improve and get the most out of each workout.

Enflux workout clothes consist of a top and trousers made from a polyester/spandex blend. These clothing items are fitted with 10 sensors which are able to collect standard fitness data such as your heart rate, but they’re also able to to detect your balance, range of motion, joint angles and rotation, and the efficiency of your form. All of this data is sent via Bluetooth to the Enflux app which will relay this information back to you, as well as offering advice on how your form could be improved. Whether you’re doing a bicep curl, a push up, or heading out for a run, the app will log your workouts to review later and coach you with audio feedback. You can select a workout to do from those pre-installed on the app, create your own custom workout, or simply freestyle and tell the app what exercise you’re doing as you go.

Basically, Enflux clothes promise not just to measure the degree to which you’re moving, but also how you’re moving for safe and effective workouts.

The smart clothes themselves are machine washable, available in men’s and women’s sizes XS to 3XL and have a battery life of up to two weeks which you can charge via USB. Initially the Enflux app will support weight training, plyometrics, and running but they’re hoping to quickly update and include other workouts like yoga, basketball, cycling, golf, football, and volleyball.

Enflux are seeking funding for their smart clothing on Kickstarter now, hoping to raise $100,000. At time of writing they’ve already managed to raise $39,274 with 29 days of their campaign left to go. If you’d like to get some Enflux workout gear for yourself, pledging $249 (£175) plus £21 delivery will secure you the full outfit and app. Considering the expected retail price of the outfit is $399 (£280), this might be a good deal to jump on.

One thing to bear in mind about Enflux is that if you do commit to it and pledge, you won’t be able to get your clothes until March 2017 at the earliest. In a market that’s constantly growing and evolving with some very credible opposition already in existence, this is a long time to commit to and wait for a product. That said, smart clothes look set to become the future of efficient workouts and Enflux’s design is a simple but appealing one that could serve them well.

Images via Kickstarter