Geeky find of the week: 8-bit hair bows

To help you achieve those immovable hairstyles of videogame characters past

Seeing Anya Hindmarch’s amazing arcade game-inspired clothing line made the Gadgette team feel some serious geeky desire. Unfortunately, we haven’t collected quite enough gold coins to be able to buy anything from it. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring retro games into our outfits in a more affordable way and these 8-bit hair bows from ThinkGeek are just the thing to help us do it.

ThinkGeek previously released a larger 8-bit hair bow, but after some feedback they’ve decided to expand the line to include smaller versions in more colours: red, green, and blue. Hey, you could match your starter Pokemon!

A pack of six bows containing two of each colour costs $14.99 (around £11) plus £12 shipping to the UK. The smaller size of these bows makes them much more adaptable to different hairstyles than the larger version; they’re perfect for keeping your hair out of your face when you really have to concentrate on that boss battle.

Images: ThinkGeek