The Catquarium is the world’s biggest cat video

2 hours, 360 degrees, and a lot of cats

We’ve seen 360 degree video do a lot of cool things lately, from makeup tutorials to simulating bungee jumps, but the Catquarium is our favourite by a fluffy mile. Filmed in the Kit Tea cat cafe in San Francisco, the video takes viewers for a free 360 degree visit to watch kittens do what kittens do best: be adorable and aloof. We never want to leave.

The Catquarium is the work of San Francisco based film director Michael Morgenstern and his company Everything is Film. At 2 hours long, this is the longest 360 degree video that’s ever been uploaded to YouTube and at an impressive 1 trillion pixels it claims to be “the biggest cat video in the world.” As ever with 360 degree video, you can watch it on your desktop or your mobile without a VR headset but we do recommend making use of Google Cardboard if you have one to hand for the unparalleled joy, and slight fear, of being surrounded by cats.

The only real downside to the video is that as much as you can feel like you’re in the cat cafe visually, you don’t get the tactility. Still, for anyone who’s always wanted to visit a cat cafe but isn’t likely to be heading to San Francisco anytime soon, or for anyone that has an allergy to cats but can’t help but love them, this video is the perfect solution.

I’ve been in the Catquarium for over an hour now and my day is better for it.