The solar-powered Lifepack is like a portable office

It's the Swiss Army Knife of rucksacks

It’s not everyday we fall in love with a rucksack but the Lifepack looks like the ultimate travel companion for a digital nomad. The rucksack, created by Solgaard, is currently campaigning on Kickstarter but has smashed its $20,000 target with 49 days to go.

It feels wrong to talk about a key feature because the Lifepack can do so much, but the solar-powered USB charger is definitely what you will notice first. A panel on the back lets you charge any of your devices but it also charges the rucksack’s portable Bluetooth speaker. Yes, it comes with a speaker.

The rucksack itself is weather-resistant, spacious, and well-designed. If you’re the type of person who travels to the local coffee shop to get work done, there’s more than enough space for all your work supplies and laptop, plus the rucksack can keep all your devices charged once you get there. Being such a cool rucksack and full of tech goodies, someone might try to steal it. Fortunately it has a built-in lock for attaching the bag to your coffee table or anything else secure. Being the Swiss Army Knife of rucksacks, the lock also doubles as a bottle opener.

The security options don’t stop with the lock. Someone might not steal your bag but they may rummage through looking for something valuable. Besides the usual pockets and compartments you would expect from a rucksack, there are also 4 hidden pockets. They’re deviously clever and the most secret pocket is in the strap, which nobody would think to look for.

For a dungeon dweller that travels everywhere by underground, the Lifepack might be a waste of money. However, this could be a dream rucksack for anyone who travels a lot, works outdoors, or brings their entire office with them. You have power, music, security, space for all your devices and work, and let’s not forget that bottle opener. You can see the bag more closely and how it works in this video:

The Lifepack is going to retail for $249 (£175.32). The cheapest of the backing options on Kickstarter are gone but students can still get a Lifepack for $125 (£88) and the rest of us for $149 (£105). Shipping to the UK is £10.56.

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