This Game of Thrones dragon egg is made of chocolate and weighs 15kg

Easter is coming

“Greed is for the Easter, my little lord, when the chocolates fall a hundred feet
deep and the creme eggs come howling out of the Cadbury’s factory.”

Easter is coming and the shops are stocked high with egg-shaped chocolates big and small. Maybe you’ve purchased a smattering of little eggs to feast on, or maybe you’ve splashed out and gone for one of the larger treats, the ones that come with the chocolate bars on the side. You probably think you’ve been too indulgent but oh, my sweet summer child, you know nothing of Easter indulgence until you’ve seen this egg from Melt London.

To celebrate the release of Game of Thrones series five on DVD, Melt have joined forces with Selfridges to create a giant chocolate dragon egg, weighing 15kg and standing 55cm tall. The egg, which is entirely edible, was made by hand by Melt’s chocolatiers and took 25 hours to create.

On Saturday, 12th of March, Melt will be revealing their creation at Selfridges in London, where visitors will be able to see chocolatiers assemble the egg scale by scale between 11am and 1pm. After this the egg will be on display until the end of the day and there’ll be chances to win some Game of Thrones box sets.

You won’t be able to purchase the 15kg egg, unfortunately, but if you do want a dragon-inspired Easter treat, Melt have created more reasonably sized dragon eggs which will be sold in a trio for £19.99.

Images via Melt London