The stringless Kurv is a real-life air guitar

It's like playing a real guitar but without looking cool

Have you ever been caught jumping around the house with an air guitar and felt embarrassed? Well now you can do that while making real sounds! The Kurv Guitar is a real-life air guitar. You hold a “pick” in one hand, which detects strumming and picking movements. In your other hand you hold a device with 8 buttons that can be reached like you’re playing notes on a the fretboard of a real guitar.

Having only 8 buttons means the Kurv will never be as expressive as a real guitar but the official app lets you customise the notes that you can play. Moving the Kurv around can change the octave of those notes or switch between individual notes and chords, so you can do more with 8 buttons that you might think. The Kurv can sound like an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar.

The Kurv isn’t going to replace guitars but that isn’t really the idea. It makes guitar playing easy and accessible. It’s supposed to be fun for people who can’t play guitar. You can see how it works in the video below. There’s also this video if you’re more interested in abs and pole-dancing than an accurate representation of how the product sounds.

The video does a good job explaining how the Kurv Guitar works but we doubt we’ll see many people jamming away with it while sitting on the tube. It just looks like you’re playing air guitar, so if you wouldn’t do that sitting on the tube then you probably won’t use this either. We like the concept though and we’re fans of inclusivity and making musical instruments accessible. Some people will never ever be able to play a real guitar for all sorts of reasons and this could be the closest they get.

The Kurv had a successful Kickstarter campaign and should be shipped to customers in September. Preordering for new customers is available through Indiegogo for $245 (£171) plus shipping at $20 (£13.97).

All images © Kurv Music