6 Game of Thrones gifts to tide us over until season 6

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Winter is… almost over. Spring is coming, and with it comes season 6 of Game of Thrones. Now there’s a trailer for the latest season and fans are eagerly waiting to find out what happens next to [insert favourite character in a horrible situation]. The build-up to a new season can be a stressful time so here are 6 GoT gifts to celebrate the 6th season and tide us over until the first episode.

1. Game of Scones

Umm... spoiler. Image © Orion

When we first heard of this book it seemed like a cute idea but the concept alone hadn’t won us over. We expected cookies in the shape of wolves and stags, that sort of thing. Oh how we were wrong; the book and its delicious recipes are hilarious. We guarantee that if you bake these for a fan they will be ecstatic. We won’t go into too much detail because it might spoil the show for newcomers, but let’s just say some of the creations are… well, there’s one for Prince Oberyn. We’ll leave it at that.

Game of Scones is available on Amazon for £5.

2. Dragon Egg soap box

Image © Amethyst Soaps

It does what it says on the tin. Or the beautiful box. These soap dragon eggs are handmade and the lather comes from Shea butter and organic coconut oil. The soaps are quite large but small enough to hold one in your palm. The eggs alone are pretty cool but the fact that it comes in a wooden box wins us over. You’re practically a Khaleesi. Now you just need to find a former Hollyoaks actress to do things for you, that’s what Danny always does.

You can find your boxed dragon eggs on Etsy for £21.65 plus £14.44 shipping.

3. When Routine Bites mash-up posters

Image © Firebox

These posters and many others are available in the Game of Thrones line-up of posters from When Routine Bites, available on Firebox. There are some more traditional posters available that could be official marketing materials for the show, but we love the pop culture mix in this collection. The show is now so popular that people will recognise these iconic characters even out of context. Also, mother of ferrets.

You can buy the posters from £24.99 in the Game of Thrones collection.

4. Game of Thrones Monopoly

Image © Firebox

Let’s face it, Monopoly is very much like Game of Thrones anyway. One will sit on the throne at the end and along the way there will be fights, backstabbing, and general hostility at every turn. It makes sense to combine the two and fight it out for control of King’s Landing. The pieces have changed so that the dog is a Direwolf, the hat is the king’s crown, and the iron is the Iron Throne. Play hard and by the end you’ll have more money than the Iron Bank of Braavos.

The Game of Thrones Monopoly game is available on Firebox for £29.99.

5. Retro travel posters

Image © Teacup Piranha

We have a thing for retro travel posters right now. These simple posters advertising locales from the Game of Thrones universe wouldn’t look out of place in a train station or as a quirky item in your home. In passing people might assume they advertise famous local tourist attractions, but a closer look reveals places where people fight back against the evil of winter or push unfortunates to their death through a hole in the floor. It’s hard to pick a favourite so this is a whole set.

The 5-pack is available on Etsy and starts at £17.50 plus £4 shipping.

6. Quotes and Sigils tights

Image © TightsShop

You can show off your fandom with these tights featuring the house sigils and famous quotes from the books. “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” And we need these tights. They come in several different colours so don’t worry if you wouldn’t usually rock the White Walker look.

The tights are available on Etsy for £14.44 plus £4.97 shipping.

Season 6 is coming!