aSample is an app that helps you track designer sample sales

These things require a game plan

Designer sample sales are a way for the fashion industry to shed excess stock and a great opportunity for shoppers to snag luxury clothing at discounts of up to 70%. Although you’ll sometimes find items in these sales with defects or flaws (and you should note that there’s no returns policy for such items) if you inspect the clothes before you commit to them, you could find yourself with a real bargain in your hands. The problem with sample sales is that when information about them is coming from several newsletters lost in your junk inbox or by word of mouth, you won’t always hear about them in time to attend, or you’ll find out they’re happening in just enough time to arrive too late to get any of the good stuff. Sample sales require a game plan and aSample is an app that wants to help you create one.

The idea behind aSample is simple: help shoppers see when and where sample sales are happening and let them add the events to an in-app calendar to keep track. The app is fairly easy to navigate allowing you to choose between seeing samples coming in the week ahead, the month ahead, or just generally upcoming. Once you’ve selected your time scale you can also further narrow results by selecting that you only want to see sales featuring footwear or accessories or lifestyle items.

If you see a sample sale that catches your eye you click on it to enter its profile where you’ll be able to read information on the brand, when and where the sale is taking place, and whether or not you’ll have to pay an entrance fee. You’ll also be able to select an option to add the event to your in-app calendar so that you can easily keep track of all the sales you’re interested in.

Though aSample is for sales across the UK, most are located in Central London and this really comes across in the app. We think one thing the app could benefit from is a location filter, just to make it easier to find the sales closer to you.

If you want to see what sample sales are coming up and prepare yourself for the queues for bargains you can download aSample for free from iTunes and Google Play.