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Thanks for donating to #EggAid. You’re supporting Cybersmile, an eggcellent charity that helps people affected by trolling, online abuse and harassment.

Which egg would you like to donate?

We’ve created some fun eggs to represent each of the donation levels. The more you give to Cybersmile, the more they’ll be able to help young people going through abuse and harassment online, and their families. This is a huge problem in the digital age, and can sadly lead young people to take their lives to escape the abuse, as in the case of 15 year old Thomas Mullaney.

Cyberbullying is often underestimated by the police and people around the victim. The attitude of “it’s just trolling” is extremely unhelpful when the victim feels like they’re being harassed from all angles and have no way out. We set up #EggAid to help people realise that online abuse has real consequences, that behind those faceless eggs are real people causing real depression and sadly, suicide.

Thank you for donating. Here are your choices.

Family pack of Mini Eggs – £3.50

Everyone loves Mini Eggs. They’re little, crunchy and super-tasty. For the price of a family pack (£3.50), you can help Cybersmile’s important work supporting people like Kani:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I’ve struggled so much with bullying because I didn’t have the same taste as someone else or I didn’t come from a rich family. Cybersmile taught me there’s nothing wrong with being who I am. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I never was. Cybersmile has helped me so much. Thank you for being lifesavers.”

A dozen Creme Eggs – £6

Twelve hyper-delicious fondant-filled eggs. Even sweeter than the filling, though, is the knowledge that you’re helping people like Sophie, who sent this message to Cybersmile:

“I just wanted to tell you how things are going since we last spoke a couple of weeks ago. Everything is going great, the bullying has stopped, and I am a much happier person, although I still have a bad day sometimes, but all teens have a bad day sometimes. Since speaking to you I have loved all your support which I really needed and I have taken all your advice and now it has turned my life round (in a good way)! I really appreciate all your help, advice and all your support, I can’t thank you enough!”

Fancypants egg – £10

Well, well, good sir, have you ever seen quite so fancy an egg as this? We wager not. And not only does this exceptionally fine-looking egg taste like rainbows, it also comes with the life-affirming knowledge that you’re helping people like Ruby:

“Cybersmile, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have had the courage to see a counsellor about my depression, low confidence and low self-esteem. You have helped put this smile on my face. You are my heroes and I am happy to say that #IMACYBERSMILER. I really hope that others can get the help from you guys like I did because you are changing lives for the better.”

Super-fancypants egg – £15

The most regal of regal eggs. This fair lady sits atop her own cushion, and wears a tiara made of golden chocolate. Also, she comes with the pure joy of knowing your donation is helping people like Anna:

“Fat, ugly, worthless and she deserves to die. These are a few of the things that I’ve not only been told in my past online but I see them today especially on Facebook, Ask.FM and other social networking sites. Slowly I started to believe the cruel words and started to do things that I highly regret and live with today. Sadly I went in to an 8 month depression and lost hope in EVERYTHING. I felt so low and thought nobody could help or cared about me. But that quickly changed, one day I stumbled across Cybersmile. I decided to give them a shot and emailed them, instantly they replied and told me that they would help me through my rough patch. Almost immediately I felt something inside of me change, with Cybersmile’s help and support I gained hope and confidence, even though things are a little bit rough right now I know that Cybersmile will always be there.”

The best egg ever – £20

Have you ever seen a better egg than this? Of course you haven’t. Especially if you’ve been looking at the eggs on Twitter. The Best Egg Ever comes with a rosette, trophy, sash, winners’ podium, and the knowledge that you’re helping people like Lisa:

“I’ve been bullied and it almost destroyed me. The Cybersmile Foundation on Twitter is an everyday joy for me. Not only through their positive, motivating quotes (which I couldn’t love more!), but also through making their followers say “Hey, I’m a cybersmiler! I can guide you through the darkness and back into the light”. It shows that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”


HOLY MOLY what an egg. Just look at it. Made of solid gold chocolate and shining like the star it is, the GOLDEN EGG represents the pinnacle of generosity. This is the highest #EggAid donation there is, which officially makes you the Best Person Ever. Especially as you’re helping people like Silvia:

“When I started to feel sad, not happy with myself and was being bullied, Cybersmile helped me, gave me advice and answered every single email I sent, they taught me to stay strong! THEY SAVED MY LIFE! Now i’m getting my life back on track and feeling better thanks to them :)”

Want to donate a different amount?

That’s cool too, just click the button below and enter it in the box when you reach the PayPal site. Unfortunately we can only take donations through Paypal. If you have questions, there’s a mini-FAQ on the main #EggAid page.

All donations will be included in the prize draw to win a whole load of chocolate and some Cakes With Faces goodies.

Thanks again for donating, you smashing person, you.

All illustrations for #EggAid are by SilverAJ, who you should definitely hire for all your illustrating needs.

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