This tiny wireless microphone for guitars will improve your acoustic recording

Put down the drill and wires, no need to mangle your lovely guitar now!

Acoustic guitars are awesome. We love the rich, distinctive sound but it’s not always easy to capture for others. The best way to record your acoustic tunes is using a microphone pointed right at the sound hole. The downside is you have to remain completely still or the quality will change. It also assumes you have a decent studio mic and that you’re ok carrying it around wherever you might be recording or playing live. The more convenient option is to use under-saddle pickups but they don’t sound as good.

You might be able to get the best of both worlds with iSolo, the world’s smallest wireless mic for guitars. It gives you studio-quality recordings without the restriction of standalone mics. It also means you can amplify the acoustic guitar without having to modify the guitar itself. The iSolo mic sits just beside the sound hole for optimum recording quality. It comes with a wireless USB receiver for recording straight to your computer or smartphone and a live receiver that will be more useful during performances.

How does it actually sound? Here’s Peter Gergely playing a fingerstyle cover of Breakeven by The Script:

The iSolo does seem to be the perfect combination of convenience and sound quality. It sounds great in all the videos we’ve listened to and there’s no installation required. No more drilling holes in your beautiful guitar! And of course you don’t have to sit perfectly still anymore so you’re free to rock out.

The iSolo was a successful Indiegogo campaign and you can pre-order the wireless microphone from the campaign page at $199 (£141) for the recording-only version and $349 (£248) for the version with the high gain receiver. Shipping to the UK is free. The product begins shipping in March.

You can learn a bit more about the wireless microphone here:

Main image © iSolo

Via MusicRadar