HAIZE is a navigation device for cyclists and minimalists

Sometimes less is more (not cake though)

Sometimes tech is at its best when it gets out of the way. When software or hardware improves our lives without forcing us to be immersed in it, it feels like magic. That’s the promise with smartwatches freeing us of our obsession with staring down at our phones; or smart homes with all our devices invisibly under control. For cyclists, navigation devices are usually expensive, complicated GPS systems with maps. The simpler GPS devices are cheaper but they don’t usually show maps; they just track how you ride for analysis later. You can’t really get navigation without the price and complexity, but the HAIZE by Onomo aims to fill that void.

HAIZE is a minimalist navigation system that’s essentially a high-tech compass. All it does is point the direction you need to be going. That’s it. If all you need to know is where to go then this is the simplest device for the job. You set your destination on your smartphone and a little LED light points the direction you need to be going to get there. It adjusts for daylight or night-time too, but other than that it has no advanced features.

There are two modes depending on how much exploring you want to do. When you set your destination, you can have HAIZE constantly point at the end location. The LED shows you the direction to go if you want to travel in a straight line. This is great for explorers as you know roughly where you’re going but can take whichever route you like to get there.

Another option that will be more useful for most people is turn-by-turn navigation. It works the same way with the destination being set on the smartphone and the LED light pointing the way. Instead of pointing to the final destination, however, HAIZE points to the turns you need to take so you can follow a set route.

The device itself has a great minimalist look and blends into the bike. It looks like a typical bike bell. It also comes with a wrist strap so you can wear it when running. It started life as a successful Kickstarter campaign. You can preorder the HAIZE for £65 plus £5 shipping. The device arrives in June.

All images © Onomo