This doorbell lets you answer the door even if you aren’t in


Ever missed a delivery because you were in the bath? Or maybe you received an email to say the item couldn’t be delivered and there’s nothing you can do about it because you’re in an entirely different town at the time. We can’t always answer the door when an unexpected visitor arrives. A smart doorbell could help. Ring makes doorbells that let you see who’s at the door and communicate with them even if you aren’t at home. Their latest version looks better than ever.

The newest doorbell in Ring’s line-up is the Video Doorbell Pro. Unlike the older Video Doorbell, the Pro isn’t battery powered but requires an existing hard-wired doorbell. It isn’t as easy to install as the original but it’s probably worth it for the features. The Pro captures 1080p video and sends it to your phone so you can see who is calling at the door even if you’re at work. It even works at night thanks to infrared LEDs. If you care about how it will look on your home, you’ll be happy to know it comes with 4 different face plates so you can hopefully find something that matches.

Image © Ring

The doorbell and app do more than just show you who is at the door. You can hear them and speak too. Who goes there? We would spend most of our time pretending to be the grumpy old guys from The Muppet Christmas Carol. As fun as it is, the doorbell is as much for security as it is for communication. It can alert you if anyone is around, which could prevent burglaries. If you sign up to the Cloud Recording service, you can store captured video online to be checked at any time.

The boost from 720p to 1080p isn’t the only update in the Pro version. One of the best improvements is that you can now draw custom motion zones. This means you can tell the doorbell to alert you if anyone is in the garden but it can ignore movement on the busy road nearby, for example. That way you’ll only get notifications when there’s something worth knowing about. Nobody needs to know every time there’s a bus passing the house. Unless that’s your thing of course.

Image © Ring

The Ring Doorbell Video Pro will ship late April. You can preorder from the official website for $249 (£173.57) plus shipping at $20 (£13.94). The Cloud Recording is a paid service but can be started as a 30-day free trial. It costs just $3 (£2) monthly or $30 (£20.91) for the year.

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