Domino’s has unveiled plans to trial pizza delivery robots

Gone are the days of enduring human contact for pizza

One thing you can’t accuse Domino’s of is resting on its laurels when it comes to attempts to modernise the pizza delivery process. Back in November we remember getting pretty excited about their one-button order system; so easy, so fast, such little effort! It seems like anything we might even consider a barrier to the ordering of pizza, Domino’s are determined to pull it down. And it’s looking like the last hurdle is human contact.

We’ve all probably had a time when we’ve been too lazy to not only cook, but to dress, or wash, or pull ourselves together enough to string two words together. The only solution is to order a huge pizza as the final topping on a day we absolutely don’t regret. But then the pizza arrives and you remember you have to go to the door to get it. You have to interact with another person. They have to see you in all your slovenly glory. Can the pizza fit through the letter box? No, you ordered the large. So you open the door, peek around the frame and take your order from the perfectly nice delivery person, wishing the duvet wrapped around you was an invisibility cloak.

The delivery person doesn’t care what you look like, but your worry that they do and the fact that this might stop you ordering a pizza is something Domino’s just can’t have, so they’ve unveiledthat they’re working on a pizza delivery robot called DRU.

DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) is a four-wheeled battery-powered robot developed in Australia. It can hold up to ten pizzas in his heated compartment, move at speeds of 20 km/h, and can deliver pizzas within a 12.5 mile radius before requiring charge. You don’t have to worry about your pizzas being intercepted by pavement pirates when DRU is delivering, either, because every order comes with a code which you type in to unlock the storage compartment.

The plan is to trial DRU in New Zealand before considering rolling the service out to other places, though a start date for the trial hasn’t been announced as the robot is just a prototype. I suppose if Amazon control the skies with drone delivery, Domino’s can dominate the ground. But if the robots control the pizza supplies, my surrender in their uprising will be immediate. I will betray you all for a large slice and some warm cookies.

Image: Domino’s