The Stone is a button that does pretty much anything you want

The Swiss Army Button

You might remember the popular Bluetooth tracking device called The Honey; it was a small plectrum-like device you could attach to items in order to find them if they went missing. The creators, Pebblebee, are back with a new product called the Stone, which they describe as a “Swiss Army Button”. It’s a button that lets you do just about anything with just a press.

The Stone uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone app. You can program the button to initiate a wide range of tasks, which will surely appeal to smart home enthusiasts. For example, the button could be set up for watching movies. Press the button and the lights dim, the TV turns on, and your phone switches to silent mode.

It’s a simple device with only one button but you can start different tasks by either pressing or holding the button. Pebblebee suggest an example where one Stone is kept on the bedside table. Pressing it starts the coffee machine, which is great when you wake up. Holding the button arms the home security systems, which is great for when you go to sleep. In a car you could have a quick press send a text to the last person to text you saying that you’re driving, while a hold starts your favourite playlist for driving.

The Stone works with the amazing IFTTT (If This Then That) service that lets you create tasks using all your apps and devices. There are loads of IFTTT recipes available for useful actions. For example, “if I post a new link on Facebook, also tweet it.” It integrates with the Stone so a recipe could be, “if the Stone is pressed, lock doors and turn on security camera.” The possibilities with IFTTT are endless and the Stone makes that power just a button-press away.

The Stone is cheap and can be bought as a pack so you can place several around your home for specific uses. They can connect to keyrings too so you always have one on you. You can buy the Stone from the Pebblebee store for $30 (£20.77) plus shipping at $11 (£7.62).

Images © Pebblebee