7 gifts for people addicted to Neko Atsume

We're all Tubbs

The Gadgette office hasn’t escaped the lure of the addictive cat-gathering game, Neko Atsume. We take fish, doughnut-shaped toys, and sheep beds very seriously. Not a minute goes by when we’re not thinking about Snowball or Pickles and we’re sure many of you can empathise. If you’re like us, you probably wish there was a way to see their little faces even when you aren’t playing the game. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 7 of our favourite Neko Atsume gifts ranging from cute little trinkets to one-off masterpieces.

1. Neko Atsume 3 way strap and charm accessory

We’re not sure everyone could cope having this much cute on their person 24 hours a day. The little nekos can be used on a keychain, on the included strap, or attached to your phone’s 3mm headphone jack as a charm. Over 10 different cats are available playing with different toys and bedding. Yes, there’s even a Tubbs one. Yes, he’s majestic.

The prices vary wildly for different cats but Snowball (pictured) is £12.06 with free delivery on Amazon.

2. Peaches face and butt stud earrings

“Have you ever wanted it to look like you have a cat poking its head and butt through two portals on your earlobes?” Well yes, of course. We’re happy to report that Etsy user InBetweenStars has tapped into a market that nobody knew they needed until it existed. These little stud earrings show Peaches’ face and butt on your ear lobes, which is sure to turn heads. They’re handmade with polymer clay and use brass earring posts.

You can grab the Peaches earrings from InBetween Stars on Etsy for £5.35 plus £8.56 shipping from the US.

3. BB Atsume T-shirt

Be still, our beating hearts! The universe has conspired to bring the greatest things together. It’s official, there isn’t anything cuter than an adorably sleepy neko resting inside a BB-8 bed. We’re already imagining our own Star Wars spin-off: The Cat Awakens (heard it here first, copyright Gadgette 2016).

The t-shirt comes in loads of sizes from SuperCuteAwesomeStuff on Etsy. Prices start at £15 plus £2.50 postage.

4. Hard case for iPhone 6(s)

We have a love/hate relationship with novelty phone cases. Sometimes they’re just so lazy and no thought is put into the product. Anyone can slap some characters onto a phone case. This fun case is great, however, because it incorporates the Apple logo into the design and has the adorable Nekos chasing after it. Well, except for Tubbs. Classic Tubbs.

This case is compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s. It’s available on Amazon for £7.99 plus £0.99 postage.

5. Who Atsume T-shirt

Things have got a bit timey-wimey in this mashup so Whovians rejoice, there’s a Neko Atsume t-shirt for you too! The cats are clearly Doctor Who fans making use of their cute fez, scarf, and TARDIS. We would love the game to introduce the TARDIS so we can keep loads more cats inside thanks to the transdimensional engineering.

The t-shirt comes in loads of sizes from SuperCuteAwesomeStuff on Etsy. Prices start at £15 plus £2.50 postage.

6. Tubbs t-shirt – “Let him eat”

Tubbs. Is he the hero or the villain of Neko Atsume? Everyone has their opinion. If you’re on team Tubbs, you’ll want to show your support with this super cute T-shirt. You’ll be praised by Tubbs fans everywhere and stand triumphantly among the haters. Of course if you really want to show your dislike of Tubbs (how dare you!?) then there’s a t-shirt for you too.

This design comes in many styles and sizes. The women’s t-shirt is £17.05 plus £4.20 postage from Redbubble.

7. Handmade plush Mack with burger cushion

This is it. We’ve reached peak Neko Atsume gifts. It’s Mack. He’s plush. He comes with a burger cushion. Enough said.

Mack isn’t attached to the burger cushion; he can come out, sit on top, or snuggle up inside. This gorgeous gift is for the true Neko Atsume obsessives out there. Mack and his burger cushion are handmade and one-of-a-kind. That’s right, there’s only one available for sale. Although if you do miss out, there’s also a Sassy Fran.

Mack and his burger are available from makeshiftwings30 on Etsy for £114.13 plus £41.51 shipping. It’s expensive but it’s a one-off handmade item that a lot of love obviously went into. Also look at that face.

Right, back to the game. #teamTubbs