Geeky find of the week: scale mail jumper

Badass and pretty. It's perfect

Going on adventures in games is great, especially when as your character you get to wear some amazing armour that makes you feel unstoppable. The only problem is, when you turn to your own wardrobe you can be left feeling, well, a little underwhelmed and seriously under-prepared for any dragon related incidents that might arise when you’re running to the shop to pick up some tea.

Fortunately, we’ve found a scale mail jumper created by Etsy user SilmarilClothing that brings a bit of an edge to your everyday clothing. We’re calling it adventure casual. The jumpers are knitted and made to order so you can select the colour of yarn you’d like used as well as the colour of the scales that adorn the shoulders. The jumper is available in sizes small, medium, and large and costs £68.97 plus £11.36 shipping to the UK. It’s not entirely clear in the picture but the jumper is in the crop style which isn’t always the most comfortable style for the colder weather we’re experiencing now, but we do like the solution of another top underneath to stop the chills. It makes it perfect for adventuring all year round.

You don’t even have to stop the adventure casual style with a jumper, either; SilmarilClothing has a whole host of scale mail clothing and accessories including bags, necklaces, shrugs, and gloves that we can’t help but need.

Image: SilmarilClothing