This is the only microwavable notebook you’ll ever need

That's a headline we never thought would happen

We obviously love tech at Gadgette but that doesn’t mean it’s all about processors and virtual reality. Some tech is amazing because it can take us away from being bogged down in touchscreens and wearables. We spend so much of our days staring at screens for work and play that it’s important to take a break now and then. The Kindle is a great example because it delivers loads of advantages over carrying a single book. At the same time, it goes easy on your eyes and doesn’t mess with your sleep like a tablet would.

For similar reasons I still do a lot of note-taking using a pen and paper. I love the syncing capabilities of apps like Evernote and Google Keep but it’s nice to jot things down on dead trees now and then. It gets you away from the blue glare of monitors, it reminds your fingers what a pen is, and you can doodle a lot easier than on most devices. The downside is that I go through notebooks really quickly; the local Paperchase employees know me by name. Fortunately there’s a new notebook on the scene that promises to be the only one you ever need because it’s microwaveable.

The Rocketbook Wave is a product nobody knew they needed until it arrived. Who knew that all these years we were missing out with our boring notepads that never needed to be microwaved. The Rocketbook Wave is a paper notebook with a special pen. You can write and doodle away as much as you want but the ink vanishes when you microwave the notebook. It works thanks to the Pilot Frixion pens that use thermochronic ink that goes clear at high temperatures. The notepad is neat because it lets you re-use it, saving you money and helping the environment. That’s not the only trick it has up its sleeve though.

The downside of a paper notebook is that your notes aren’t automatically synced to the cloud. With note-taking software, you can access your work from anywhere as long as you have internet access. The Rocketbook Wave wants to bridge the gap between writing on paper and cloud storage. The idea itself isn’t new but the Rocketbook does some pretty novel things. The official app scans the pages and does it accurately thanks to the design of the book itself. More interesting is that each page has little symbols that you can associate with the cloud services you might use. Rather than fiddling with app settings to choose where to store some notes, you can just cross out the options on the page itself to select services!

Yeah, we know, you’ve never wanted to microwave a notebook so badly. Fortunately we won’t have to wait long as it will be released in August. The Rocketbook Wave’s Kickstarter campaign was looking for $20,000 when it started and so far it’s raised almost half a million dollars with 9 days to go. This is something people are obviously excited about. The super early bird options are all gone but you can get a notebook and black pen for $37 (£26.18) plus UK shipping for $10 (£7.08).

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