6 things we want this week

It's a long weekend, of course we're going to buy things

The long weekend approaches meaning that even though it’s Thursday, it’s basically Friday and with three days relaxing ahead of us, we’re planning what we’d like to buy. Eggs aren’t the only treats you can have at Easter! Here’s what Team Gadgette wants this week.

Gamer in Chief Emma

Revolution: 25th Anniversary Collection

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars is one of the games I credit with igniting my interest in gaming. I love the series, I love point and click adventures and, as a result, I love Revolution Software. Even though I’ve amassed a ridiculous number of copies of their games over the years, I’m still going to get the Revolution 25th Anniversary collection which comes with not only the Broken Sword series but also Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky, and In Cold Blood as well as soundtracks, comics, and posters. It’s a fan essential.

£39.99 from Amazon

Hermione Granger wand necklace

There’s always that one thing that you’ll love no matter what and although other obsessions will replace it for a time, you’ll always return to it. For me, that’s Harry Potter. I have endless amounts of merchandise from notebooks, to wands, to scarves, to colouring books but what I don’t have is any jewellery and that’s something that has to change. I’ve definitely got my eye on the wand necklaces on Soft Kitty Clothing just now for that very reason. There’s a selection of character wands available but my immediate choice will always be Hermione Granger. I even love that the necklaces come in their own Ollivander wand boxes; it’s a nice touch!

Soft Kitty Clothing, £25 plus £3 shipping

Charizard Dot Sprite Cushion

Now my other love, Pokemon. I’ve been taking a trip back to the beginning playing Pokemon Red recently so of course when I saw this Charizard cushion I had to have it. Even though I now live in the city in the UK where it’s most likely a Pokemon Centre will be opened, I’m still waiting so until that glorious day I have to use Pokemon Centre Loot which sends official merchandise from the stores in Japan. It takes 14 to 21 days to get your item but I’d wait forever for a cushion like this.

Pokemon Centre Loot, £28.99 plus £5.10 shipping

Science Officer Jen

Agents in Space Cute X-Files T-shirt

I grew up with Mulder and Scully’s shenanigans so the X-Files will always have a special place in my heart. Sure, it maybe hasn’t passed the test of the time; the show is cheesy; and it’s full of the types of conspiracy theorists that annoy me in real life. None of that matters. I still enjoy watching Mulder chase after Krycek and Scully do just about anything. Most merchandise is deliberately dark and creepy so I love this really cute t-shirt with the FBI agents flying through space in a UFO.

Agents in Space Cute X-Files T-shirt, £15-17 from SuperCuteAwesomeStuff on Etsy

iRobot Braava jet Robot Mop

I love tech and I’m very often lazy. Taken together it’s obvious why I’m a big fan of robots. I’m not alone in liking the idea of little bundles of tech running around doing monotonous tasks like hoovering, which is why the Roomba is so popular. Getting the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard is one thing but mopping the floors? You underestimate my laziness. Bucket, water, mop, wait for it to day… My new flat has hardwood flooring so it needs to be mopped now and then so I’d love to have this cute little cube run around the house, mopping and drying for me. The iRobot Braava mop is basically a Roomba that cleans hardwood floors and is particularly good at dealing with wet messes (hello pet/baby owners).

iRobot Braava Mopping Robot, £299 from iRobot

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

We’ve only managed to get humans as far as the moon but we’ve sent our robotic buddies much further. We have Voyager 1 shooting off into interstellar space, ExoMars on its way to the red planet, and the International Space Station always floating nearby. This awesome chart doesn’t show literally every space mission, especially ones from smaller nations, but it has most of the famous ones and it looks amazing. I’m not the type of person to cover my home in posters but for something like this I’d make an exception and get a huge print.

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration is £26.90 from Pop Chart Lab

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