7 cookbooks for geeks and pop culture superfans

With bonus Coolio

If you’re anything like us you probably love food, geek culture, and awesome TV shows. The only thing better is combining all of them at once. We’ve read some great cookbooks before, especially ones for students that got us through life when all we really wanted to do was get another takeaway, but we never found them entertaining. Boring food in boring books. Down with that sort of thing! Here are 7 cookbooks that are as interesting and funny as they are useful.

1. A Feast of Ice and Fire


Image © Bantam

This amazing cookbook has the seal of approval from George R. R. Martin and he even wrote the introduction. Unlike a lot of pop culture cookbooks that base their recipes on characters and events from the fictional world, the recipes in A Feast of Ice and Fire are supposed to be legit meals you might find if you really were in Westeros or the lands to the east. There are meals you would expect to find at the Wall, King’s Landing, Dorne, Winterfell, and even across the Narrow Sea. There’s everything from Lemon Cake and Pork Pies to Tyroshi Honeyfingers and Honey-Spiced Locusts. Of all the cookbooks on this list, A Feast of Ice and Fire is the most authentic and feels the most grounded in its universe.

A Feast of Ice and Fire is £16.94 on Amazon

2. Game of Scones

Image © Orion

Yeah, we already included a Game of Thrones cookbook but this one is just too good to ignore and it focuses on baking rather than full meals. It’s clever; it’s hilarious; and the results are delicious. Warning: the cookies are sometimes rather grim. There are recipes involving rather violent incidents relating to characters’ heads, eyes, and hands… That’s the beauty of Game of Scones though, as every recipe has a visual nod to the series and will please fans. It’s an entertaining read even if you don’t bake anything. Although you have to give them a try as the White Walker cookies are tasty.

Game of Scones is £5 on Amazon

3. Dining with the Doctor

Image © Chris-Rachael Oseland

Ok, so this is for the hardcore Doctor Who fans. The recipes aren’t as clever as the ones in these other cookbooks. The book itself isn’t as well-written and some of the results are actually quite disgusting. But as fan-service it’s perfect. For example, who in their right mind would want to know how to prepare fish fingers and custard? Hardcore Doctor Who geeks, that’s who (we resisted a pun there). Recipes include Slitheen Eggs and Professor Yana’s Gluten Neutrino Map Binder. That should be all you need to know if you like your food all wibbly-wobbly.

Dining with the Doctor is £12.99 on Amazon

4. Cooking for Geeks

They say cooking is both an art and a science. Sometimes it definitely feels like an art as it takes a lot of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t. If only there was a scientific textbook that explained and taught why some ingredients go well with others. That’s what Cooking for Geeks is all about, teaching the science of food and cooking along with tasty recipes. If you follow the book not only will you produce some great dishes, but you become a better cook by learning the science behind why some meals work and others don’t. It covers all sorts of food preparation including main meals and baking. If science and food are big parts of your life, you’ll want to check this out.

Cooking for Geeks is £15.36 on Amazon

5. Baking Bad

Image © Orion

Like Game of Scones, this is technically not a cookbook as it’s for baking only. It’s also similar to that book because it’s equally clever and funny. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll love the subtle references to characters and events in the different recipes. It’s not just a case of putting blue crystals on everything; there are clever nods throughout and you’ll be reminded of shocking scenes that fans love. There’s Ricin Crispie Treats and Heisen-batten-Burg Cake. Gus won’t love his reference though. Ew. Some of the recipes aren’t the easiest for beginners but the results are great so it’s worth improving your skills!

Baking Bad is £9.98 on Amazon

6. The Snacking Dead

Image © Clarkson Potter

This cookbook is a bit different from the others. Sure, there are references to the The Walking Dead. Sure, there are recipes like Sweetish Fleshballs and Nachos of the Living Dead. But most of the recipes are actually very basic and remind us of student cookbooks compared to the sophisticated efforts in A Feast of Ice and Fire. Most of the recipes are for different types of sandwiches and the items themselves don’t always fit perfectly with the theme. What makes this cookbook different is that it has a story. As you read through, the recipes themselves are told as part of a narrative about a survivor trying to make their way among the living and the dead. It’s really funny at times and makes it a good read for fans of the show/comic/games.

The Snacking Dead is £14.18 on Amazon

7. Cookin’ with Coolio

Recipes straight outta Compton. Sure, we might be stretching “geek” here but there’s no way we were going to share all these cookbooks and not talk about Coolio’s gift to the culinary world. There are 76 recipes including Bro-ghetti, Pimp My Shrimp, and Drunk-ass Chicken that will help you put the rap in wrap. As funny and silly as the whole project is, the recipes are actually decent and affordable. That’s the goal: 5 star food and 1 star prices. We won’t blame you if you buy it just because it’s a Coolio cookbook though.

Cooking with Coolio is £10.99 on Firebox