Renaissance art gets the virtual reality treatment in this Google project

Get up close and personal with the work of Bruegel

The Google Cultural Institute has been working for a long time now to bring us closer to some of the world’s greatest art; thanks to its efforts we can see paintings, exhibits, and world wonders without ever leaving the comfort of our home and recently with the use of 360 degree video they even took us inside some of the greatest performing arts institutions in the world.

Taking the exciting possibilities that 360 video and virtual reality has to offer even further, the Google Cultural Institute is now taking culture vultures inside the scene of Bruegel’s famous Renaissance painting The Fall of the Rebel Angels.

The project is called Bruegel/ Unseen Masterpieces and brings together Bruegel material from eight museums around the world. You can access several paintings and zoom in on the tiniest details you wouldn’t even be able to see in the museums themselves with information and analysis of the paintings from academics accompanying the paintings in video and text.

By far the most interesting and exciting feature, though, is being able to step inside The Fall of the Rebel Angels painting. It’s a fairly surreal experience looking at the painting and then moving shoulder to shoulder with the figures inside it. They even move making the whole thing come alive around you. It’s an incredibly exciting and interesting way to use technology to look at work.

You can access the experience on your desktop or tablet and access the whole collection here, but the best way to experience The Fall of the Rebel Angel is on your phone with a Google Cardboard headset.