Elhoffer Design’s geeky dresses are perfectly inspired by our favourite characters

Seriously though, can we get Tom Hiddleston in that Loki peplum top?

We love it when geek and fashion collide, which is why we go giddy over things like scale mail jumpers. One of the highlights of our Instagram feed is the beautiful work of Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design. Just about anyone can slap a geeky logo or quote onto a t-shirt or dress; the internet is full of basic geek clothing and that’s ok, we like those too. However, you can tell that Catherine pours love into her unique masterpieces and we’re going crazy for them.

Catherine’s designs are inspired by movies, videogames, comics, and superheroes. Whether you’re the biggest fan of Marvel, Star Wars, or Harry Potter, you’re bound to find something in her feed that makes you jealous. It isn’t just a clever use of colour schemes; she designs her outfits from scratch to make pieces that are entirely consistent with the inspiring character, even if it’s something like a Loki peplum top.

It isn’t just dresses Catherine works on. She’s made undergarments, jackets, hoodies, you name it. For example, take Rey from The Force Awakens. She’s made Rey vests, zip-front peplum tops, and several dresses in totally different styles. A pencil dress for the office, anyone?

Catherine has an Etsy store where you can support her work and buy items but the majority of her work is unique and commissioned. Have you always wanted some fashion that reflects your favourite geek character or franchise? It’s cool having themed t-shirts but there’s something really beautiful about these custom pieces. She’s happy to work with customers in the UK so send her a message and make it happen!

All images © Catherine Elhoffer