Reebok is releasing replicas of Ellen Ripley’s shoes for Alien Day

Shoes you can kick ass in

For so long we went mad over Marty McFly’s amazing trainers from Back to the Future 2 but now that we’ve finally seen replicas created and we know that Nike is preparing for the release of that coveted self-lacing technology, it’s time we turned our attention to some other classic film trainers and demand that we be able to wear them too. If you’ve ever watched the 1986 film Aliens, you probably couldn’t help but notice the shoes Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley is wearing. Like Marty McFly’s shoes in Back to the Future they hold a weird 80s-vision-of-the-future appeal that makes us absolutely want to own them. Sure, Ellen Ripley’s shoes don’t have self-tying laces but would you just look at them?

We’re pretty excited, then, that Reebok has announced it will be releasing limited edition replicas of these shoes as part of Twentieth Century Fox’s Alien Day celebrations on April 26th. It’s been decided that Alien Day will be on April 26th because the exmoon where the xenomorphs are first discovered in the films is called LV-426. Similar to other franchise events like Back to the Future day and May the 4th for Star Wars, the celebrations will essentially involve a whole bunch of merchandising partners getting together to sell things related to the franchise and drive fans wild. They’ll also most likely be hoping to drum up some excitement about Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, Alien: Covenant.

There’s no information just yet on how much the shoes will cost, we’ll update here as soon as there is, but they’ll be released on and in selected Reebok stores worldwide on April 26th alongside a pair of trainers based on the shoes worn by Lance Henriksen’s character, Bishop.

Other merchandise will include Alien-themed toys, figurines, comics, and apparel but we’re most concerned about getting these shoes on our feet and kicking some ass. If you want some tech from the Aliens universe, be sure to check out Ripley’s watch that’s being rereleased by Seiko!

Via ComicsAlliance

Main Image via Reebok