This book will tell the untold stories of pioneering women in comics

It's time we acknowledged them

Women have been working in comics since the very beginning but still they continue to be under-represented in the industry. She Changed Comics is a book from the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund that wants to change this by telling the untold stories of pioneering women in comics both past and present.

She Changed Comics will be a 160-page, full-colour book profiling the work of over 60 women in the comics industry who “changed the landscape of free expression.” The book aims to educate on as many aspects of women contributing to free expression through comics as possible and will feature early artists like Nell Brinkley, whose work defined fashion and society; underground artists like Trina Robbins, Lee Marrs, and Dori Seda, who defied the Comics Code to talk about female sexuality and feminism; women who freed female comic characters from the male gaze and gave them agency; women who have been censored for their work; women leading the charge in the industry as well as women whose efforts have not been adequately recognised; and finally, the book will also feature interviews with women working in comics today.

The book aims for diversity, too, covering not only women in the European and North American industries, but also women manga artists, including Moto Hagio, Machiko Hasegawa, Rumiko Takahashi. It’s a rich and interesting history that hasn’t been explored enough.

The writing of the book is currently under way but in order to push it through the design phase, CBLDF has set up a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $10,000. They’ve already sailed past this goal and at time of writing have $19,788 with 28 days of their campaign to go. If you’d like to help them reach their stretch goals, which will allow them to make the book an educational resource in schools, contributing $15 (£10) will get you your own digital copy of the book and $25 (£17) will get you a physical copy, both of which you can expect to receive in October of this year.

Images via Kickstarter